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Modified 17-Feb-19

Skate Calligraphy
A series of abstract images created by photographing tracks of ice skaters on the surface of a frozen pond in Espoo, Finland.
It's actually quite rare that there are conditions that make it possible to shoot these kind of images. On this particular winter morning the pond had just frozen making the ice look completely black against the dark water underneath. A small amount of snow had fallen on the surface of the pond and some ice skaters had left clear traces there. I found the figures there very intriguing and started to look for interesting compositions with my camera.
The results ended up looking very much like some sort of calligraphy maybe bearing most resemblance to the old Islamic calligraphy. I hope you enjoy these abstractions.
Skate Calligraphy 1Skate Callligraphy 2Skate Calligraphy 3Skate Calligraphy 4Skate Calligraphy 5Skate Calligraphy 6Skate Calligrahy 7Skate Calligraphy 8Skate Calligraphy 9Skate Calligraphy 10Sakte Caligraphy 11Skate Calligraphy 12Skate Calligraphy 13Skate Calligraphy 14Skate Calligraphy 16Skate Callligraphy 17Skate Calligraphy 18