BOOKS by Vesa Pihanurmi:

"Trees Are Poems" is a monograph and photo book by Vesa PihanurmiTrees Are PoemsThe monograph is available as signed Hardcover and Paperback editions. Click to order it.

Trees Are Poems (Hardcover Edition), 2020

  • Signed, Linen hardcover with dust jacket, 7x7 in (18x18cm), 40 pages, 64 images

Trees Are Poems (Paperback Edition), 2020

  • Signed, Flexible high-gloss laminated softcover, 7x7 in (18x18cm), 40 pages, 62 images




Street Metaphysics is a Monograph and Photo Book by Vesa PihanurmiStreet Metaphysics - The Concealed Otherness of RealityThe book is available in 7x7 in. size through Amazon and in 12x12 in. size through Blurb.


Hardcover, Dust Jacket, 62 pages. Available either in large or small square size:

Street Metaphysics - The Concealed Otherness of Reality, 2017 (large size, premium quality)

  • Archival-quality paper (148 gsm) with an eggshell-textured uncoated finish, 12x12 in.

Street Metaphysics - The Concealed Otherness of Reality, 2017 (small size, standard quality)

  • Standard (118 gsm) smooth semi-matte finish, 7x7 inches



Bare Essentials - Fields, Shores and Fells in Finland, 2014

  • Premium matte paper (148 gsm) with slight sheen finish, 13x11 inches 
  • Hardcover, 40 pages





ND Awards 2019:

  • 2nd Place/Silver Star Award under Nature/Trees with the title Resilience






ND Awards 2018:

  • 2nd Place/Silver Star Award under Architecture/Other category with the title De Brug
  • 3rd Place/Bronze Star Award under Fine Art/Landscape category with the title Shark Fin





Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018:





ND Awards 2017:

  • 1st Place/Gold Star Award under Architecture category with the title Holiness






International Photography Awards 2017 (IPA 2017):

  • 1st Place under Fine Art - Abstract category for the series "Floating City"






Monochrome Awards 2016:

  • 3rd Place Winner under Nature category for the title "Irregulars"





ND Awards 2016:

  • 3rd Place - Bronze Star Award under Architecture-Bridges category for title "Crossing"






Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3 2016):

  • 2nd Prize (Silver Award) under Fine Art/Architecture category for the title "Wriggle"
  • 1st Place (Public Choice Winner) under Nature/Trees category for the series "Winter Trees"
  • 3rd Place (Public Choice Winner) under Fine Art/Abstract category for the title "S M I L E"





Moscow International Foto Awards 2016 (MIFA 2016):

  • 2nd Place under Architecture - Bridges category for the title "Gothic"





ND Awards 2015:

  • ND Nature Discovery of the Year 2015 title with the series "Pine Woods"
  • 1st Place - Gold Star Award under Nature-Trees category for the series titled "Pine Woods"
  • 3rd Place - Bronze Star Award under People-Other category for the series titled "At the Eternal Light"
  • 3rd Place - Bronze Star Award under Architecture-Cityscapes category for the series titled "Helsinki"




Stark Awards 2015:


  • 3rd Prize under Everyday Life category for the title "Holy Spirit"





Hasselblad Masters 2016:


  • Finalist under Street/Urban category with the title "The Walk"





Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3 2015):


  • 2nd Prize (Silver Award) under Nature/Trees category for the series titled "Pines"
  • 3rd Prize (Bronze Award) under Fine Art/Architecture category for the title "BLINK"





2015 Sony World Photography Awards:


  • Winner (1st Place) at 2015 Sony World Photography Awards National Award (Finland) with the title "Float"




Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3 2014):


  • 3rd Prize under Fine Art/People category for the series titled "L’Étranger"








  • 3rd Prize under Architecture category for the title "S I X"







IPA Book 2017, January 2018, ISBN: 978-1-947115-05-7

Interview in ND Magazine, September 2017

Monochrome Photography Awards Annual Book 2016, March 2017

Stark-Magazine Issue.41 (pages 39-40), November 2015

Stark-Magazine Issue.35 (pages 41-42), March 2015

Article "Das Licht der Dämmerung" in (17.12.2014)

Stark-Magazine Issue.31 (pages 15-16), 2014

Stark-Magazine Awards Special Issue HM (pages 15-16, 31-32), 2014




ImageNation Arles 2019: July 15-21 2019 at Galerie des Arènes, 17 rue des Arènes, Arles

ImageNation Paris 2018 Photo Expo: November 9-11 2018 at Galerie Joseph Turenne, 116 rue de Turenne, Paris

STARK Photography Awards Exhibit: March 3 - 31 2016 at Dales Gallery, Victoria, B.C. Canada

Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition: 24th April - 10th May 2015, Somerset House, London, England

PhotoHaus Gallery Exhibit: April 11th - April 30th 2015, Vancouver, BC Canada