Vesa Pihanurmi | Photography | About

Vesa Pihanurmi is a multi award winning fine art photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. He has released two fine art photo books and his work has been published and exhibited around the world. He was born in 1967.

"I try to reveal alternative perspectives and artistic interpretations of the world around us. I don't just document through photography, but rather try to add something unexpected to the reality. I want that my photographs make me dig behind all the self-evident observations.

In everyday life it's so easy to get stuck into routine habits and mindset or even routine emotional reactions. I'm always most delighted when I succeed to surprise myself - either emotionally or intellectually - with a photograph by finding a point of view, perspective, detail, mystery or interpretation that I didn't think about at all when first approaching a subject. 

By taking and making photographs I try to find the essential elements that speak to me in a scene. My aim is to squeeze the reality out of everything unnecessary and focus only to things that matter to me at particular moment."

All the photographs on the website are sold worldwide as fine art prints. Some of the images can be bought directly as open edition prints. If you'd like to buy premium quality fine art limited edition prints or have any further questions/comments please contact me directly.


You can also find and contact me through the social media platforms of FlickrInstagram, Art Limited and Facebook.

Thank you and enjoy!